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About Virtual Renderings LLC

We started our company in January of 2001. The company we had worked for previously (since 1996) had gone out of business and rather than continue to work for someone else, we decided to open our own company. It was the best decision we could have made. With our very low, competitive pricing, we acquired many new companies in our early years. We saw growth up until about 2007 - as the Great Recession began quickly creeping up. By the close of 2008, most of the residential arch-viz business had dried up. Fortunately we still retained several customers. We lowered our prices slightly to help everyone out. We realized that this recession was big and that everyone needed to work together. Home builders were hurting just as we were. Buisness started to come back slowly in 2010 and by the end of 2013 we had recouped much of our previous business. Housing is doing FAR better today than just last year. We were able to stay in business while other companies fell by the wayside - partly because of our low pricing and partly because we have a great relationship with our customers. We are trusted to deliver the best possible computer renderings and at an extremely competitive price. Give us a try - you’ll be glad you did!


You may have something different in mind...   Perhaps it is something unusual....    something off the beaten path...   Well...  that’s where we can help. Tell us your idea and we’ll put our heads together and maker something that will WOW you AND your customer!
Hip and Ridge Shingles Brick and Stone Headers

Hip and Ridge Shinglles

Items like hip and ridge shingles are standard on all model. These are all actual 3D objects - not simple pictures.

Brick & Stone Details

Special details such as brick and stone headers are actual 3D objects - not pictures of brick or stone headers.
Siding and Shake Details Roofing Shingles

Three Dimensional Siding

Have siding or shakes?  All of our siding and shakes are actual 3D models. Perhaps you have standard lap siding? Or vinyl siding? Or DutchLap? Or...   something else? No problem, we can make it!  

Roof Details

Roof shingles? Each shingle is a 3D model that helps to add depth to the computer rendering. MOST of the time, roofing by other arch-viz companies is done by taking a picture of roofing and projecting it onto a flat plane. We have depth JUST like a real roof!