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Floor Plans - B&W, Color, With or Without Furniture...

Floor plans are pretty much a staple in the residential housing market. You can’t go into any new development and pick up a brochure that doesn’t have a floor plan illustrated somewhere. It gives the customer an instant visual of the spaces that they will one day call home. They immediately get an idea as to how the kitchen is situated or if  there is a separate Great Room or if the backyard may be easy to see so they can watch their kids while cooking. Floor plans can’t show everything, but they can and do give the potential homeowner a good idea if this is a house they will seriously consider purchasing. And of course floor plans come in a variety of styles - from the standard black and white versions to basic color to furnished to elaborately landscaped. We have the styles that will help you sell your homes to your customers. Allow us to work with you to create the best look for your new construction - AND...   within your budget! Also, our floor plans are created in “Vector Format” which means that they can be resized (up or down) and will remain crisp and clean. You won’t get that fuzziness that happens when you shrink or enlarge a photograph. This makes our floor plans ideal for websites, brochures and even posters or billboards.

What Exactly Do We Need?

First...  your floor plans with all measurements. Second, we’ll need direction from you as to what you want to show - things such as options and alternate model features such as with a front porch or without. Third, you’ll need to decide what type of floor plan you would like - B&W, color, furnished, etc. Floor plans are the easiest item to deal with since the most important item is the floor plan itself which can be provided directly from the architect.

What Will You Receive?

Initially we will send you a proof of the render via email. You would use this to make sure the floor plan looks correct and all options and details are clearly labeled. At this point if there are any changes, we will make them and send you another proof via email. Proofs are generally sent as PDF files since they are easy to print out from your computer and review them. Final files are generally created in the EPS format which can be resized without pixelization. Once approved, we will upload it to a webpage specifically created for you where you can immediately download it. You can also provide the link to your printer where they can download it at any time.

What Is Your Turnarond Time For Floor Plans?

Floor plans generally take several days. Depending upon the number of plans you have (as well as the options needed) it can take a week or longer. And of course it also depends on which style you choose - a standard B&W version will take quite a bit less time than one with full color and landscaping!  :)
Standard Black and White


Standard Black and White Standard Black and White Standard Black and White Standard Colorized Standard Colorized Standard Colorized With Furniture Standard Colorized With Furniture Standard Colorized With Furniture Deluxe Colorized With Furniture & Landscaping Deluxe Colorized With Furniture & Landscaping Deluxe Colorized With Furniture & Landscaping

Standard B&W

Standard Colorized

Colorized w/furniture

Colorized w/furniture and Landscaping