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Interiors are an incredible visual to show your customer. Oftentimes floor plans (even 3D versions) don’t allow your customer to easily and clearly visualize what you, the builder, are offering in space and versatility.  Also, you may have one area of the house or commercial building that is a major feature that you want to emphasize - nothing does that better than a 3D visual. Several angles of the room will be more than enough to illustrate the space to your customer. It might be a kitchen - or the Great Room - or a large Florida Room - or the super- impressive Master Bedroom. Being able to show your customer what it will look like “already built” is a big plus. You can also use this to emphasize a room or two that you choose not to build in your model home. Model homes generally can’t have every option in a given home - there may be an option or two that you would still like your customer to see. A 3D interior rendering is just the thing to fill in the gap!

What Exactly Do We Need?

To create a 3D interior rendering, we need the full set of floor plans with all of the measurements as well as any interior elevation views - this will show doorways and arches as well as cabinet positions. While exterior renderings may have an “good amount” of information required, interiors require an order of magnitude more. Carpet types, tile types, appliances, cabinet types and colors, bathroom fixtures, door types and hardware; various window, door, baseboard and crown moldings, etc. Paint colors will be the easiest!

What Will You Receive?

Initially we will send you a proof of the render via email. You would use this to make sure the interior model looks correct. Generally interiors are a slow process - we send you a “plain” version with (for example) cabinets in place. At this point if there are any changes, we will make them and send you another proof via email. For interiors, this may go on for quite some time as tweaks are made at each level. Once approved, we will render the image(s) full size, upload it to a webpage specifically created for you where you can immediately download it. You can also provide the link to your printer where they can download it at any time.

What Is Your Turnarond Time For Interior Renderings?

Interiors are notoriously difficult to pin down an exact turnaround time. Why? There is an abundant quantity of material that you will need to compile for an interior. Obviously a standard living room will take less time than a kitchen or Master Bathroom. We will have a better idea once we have your plans AND the info you have initially assembled. Truth be told, more time is taken obtaining the required information from the builder than actually used to build the 3D interior model!


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